Blind Danny Way Nuke Baby Deck 9.7"

$ 79.99

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The Blind Hippie Looney Complete Skateboard 7.25 is for the flower child in all of us! With a monster that looks like a hairy chicken wing with a tie dye background you will be doing mind blowing tricks to go along with the graphics. The deck is made from Canadian maple in the 7-ply fashion. Slant trucks are tough and have soft bushings so you can turn simply and with a decent radius. The wheels are a 95a rated that gives you the right toughness for park or street. Check the sizing chart below to see if this might be a board that you'd be willing to ride. This size is generally for the pre-teen skateboarder. Be sure to pickup this Blind Hippie Looney Complete Skateboard 7.25 today.