DVS Torey 2 Shoe

  • $ 66.00

DVS Shoes are not only inspired by skate culture, they live and breathe it. The Torey 2 skate shoe was designed and tested by professional DVS Team skateboarder Torey Pudwill. These skate shoes provide all-day comfort for the wearer - lace up the Torey men?s shoe and go to class, hang out with friends, and of course, skate. Durable suede leather provides support and comfort while the shoe?s lining is airy and breathable. Ankle support is provided by thick padding; this men?s sneaker is not only supportive but flexible as well. Sturdy rubber outsole provides traction on a variety of surfaces; they are specially designed to grip your skateboard so you can not only stay on your board when you want to, but you can perform tricks with confidence. Lace up these DVS men?s skater shoes and hit the half-pipe like a pro.