Penny 27" Ghost Glow/Blk Complete

Penny 27" Ghost Glow/Blk Complete

  • $ 120.00

If you cruise all day and into the night, this board is the one for you. Glide through the sunshine as natural UV light charges your deck and watch it start to glow a green hue as the sun goes down! 

The Set Up
At first glance, the Hoverboard looks like a ghostly white Penny deck with transparent orange wheels for a new edge. Its true magnificence is only revealed once the sun goes down – we’ve infused the plastic with a little extra science and a little magic so that the deck actually glows in the dark. How good is that? This glow in the dark deck has the same strong, sturdy plastic formulation of all our Penny skateboard decks. It’ll feel great to skate and will last forever.

Wheels and Bearings
The 27” Ghost collection complete comes with Green Transparent colored wheels. Made from Penny’s high-quality, chip resistant formula that allows for a very smooth ride. Complete with Abec 7 bearings you’ll have the best skateboard around.

Penny’s 4” black powder-coated skateboard trucks are made from strong, lightweight, A grade aluminum. Penny has specially designed the pressed kingpins in these trucks to be perfect for cruising and tight turning.

Black Penny Gumball bolts are Nickel-plated, high tensile deck bolts. We also offer our Gumball bolts in a range of colors to create a world of color combinations.