Adidas: Nora Vasconcellos Collection

Adidas: Nora Vasconcellos Collection


Adidas's latest Nora Vasconcellos collection pays homage to the Pro's roots. Originally from Pembroke, Massachusetts. Nora knows what it's like to skate some of the roughest spots the east coast has to offer. Growing up in New England you’re not spoiled by perfect weather or perfect spots. It's rad to see a northeast ripper come along and dominate the skate world in a way that's creative, unique, and fun. That's the vibe you get from “Welcome Skateboards” Pro and Adidas poster girl, Nora Vasconcellos. 

Nora's upbeat attitude, ripping skating, and original approach, brings a lot to the table. Her marketability has led to a string of products that feature her lavender theme and creative patterns. From trucks and wheels to signature chinos and shoes. Nora’s approach to skateboarding is rare these days… it’s rad to see an approach that’s not overly serious but still delivers on the goods. A well rounded ATV ripper and great role model for any young skater, boy or girl. 

With that said, check out Adidas’s lastest unisex “Nora Vasconcellos” signature collection below. 


Adidas Nora Vasconcellos Polo

Adidas Nora Vasconcellos Jacket

Adidas Nora Vasconcellos TeeAdidas Nora Vasconcellos Chino Pants



Adidas 3MC Nora Shoe

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