Check out Bones Wheels “Speak Easies” featuring Trevor McClung tearing up a pool table in a bar. This gives a whole new definition of tearing up the pool table… 

Bones Wheels is a staple in the skate world, Skate One has been in operation since 1976 producing Bones Wheels, Powell Peralta, Bones Bearings, and Mini Logo. This well-known brand gaining significant popularity in the 1980s with the “Bones Brigade”. Featuring riders like Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and Tommy Guerrero. Bones Wheels are quality made and come in their STF, SPF, and ATF formulas. A brand that’s been apart of skateboarding's history and delivers some of the best urethane in the business.

Take a look at the different formulas and their performance below.

BONES WHEELS 99A Street Tech Formula (STF): "Wheels ride smoother and faster on a greater range of terrain, without loosing the unique grip, slide-ability and characteristic bark of our original BONES 103A STF™. Street Tech 99A will improve your skating if you are not always riding super smooth concrete. They make it more fun to skate a wider range of terrains by cushioning your landings, gripping, sliding, and rolling MUCH easier on rough pavement…without flat spotting."


BONES WHEELS 103A Street Tech Formula (STF): "Powers the legendary BONES STF wheels that roll fast, grip when you need to and slide when you want to, without flat spotting. STF gives you more control to skate with confidence. BONES STF wheels outperform all other wheels, and because they wear so well, they last several times longer than normal wheels, making STF wheels the best for less. BONES STF wheels are available in the original 103A and the new 99A Streets Tech Formula™ for greater roll, control and softer landings on rougher terrain."


BONES WHEELS Skatepark Formula (SPF): "Is very high-quality urethane specifically formulated to resist flat-spotting on slick or smooth surfaces while maintaining a higher rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll.

Skatepark Formula has a high resistance to abrasion while not compromising hardness and slide ability. Simply put… BONES Skatepark Formula grips better on slick surfaces, are almost impossible to flatspot, and are the fastest, longest lasting wheel on the market today."

Available in 81B and 84B formulas. 


BONES WHEELS All-Terrain Formula (ATF): "Wheels are poured in a special soft urethane we call All-Terrain Formula or (ATF). ATF wheels are excellent for rougher terrain so regardless of road quality, this revolutionary formula will roll you there quickly and smoothly."


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