Globe Longboards & Cruisers

Globe Longboards & Cruisers

Globe longboards and cruisers are perfect for those just getting into skating or for commuting around the city. Globe offers a variety of shapes and sizes, such as drop throughs, drop downs,  pintails, and cruisers. What’s best for you?

Well... that’s completely up to you, it’s all a matter of personal preference. But knowing the difference between a board designed for downhill or cruising is pretty important.


Drop Throughs:



Designed for stability, "Drop Throughs" are a downhill board where the trucks drop through the deck. Perfect for long-distance and offering a lower, more stable ride. Also great for commuting, free riding, or downhill. 


Drop Downs: 



Drop Down longboards are perfect for downhill, free riding, and cruising. With a literal drop down in the deck where your foot rests just under the truck. Offering a lower center of gravity and increasing stability. These boards are designed for comfort and great for longer distance commutes. 






Great longboards for carving and sharp turns. Pintails are usually top mount longboards where the trucks mount like traditional skateboards. These boards are best for directional riding, it improves balance and carving without having to worry about wheel bite.





Cruiser shapes are usually shorter in length and resemble old school skateboards. Most having a kicktail or fishtail. These boards are designed to be compact and ride smooth. Usually with bigger softer wheels, making them great for short commutes. Most cruisers feature standard kingpin trucks but some include inverted kingpin trucks. Cruisers are almost always top mount decks. Great beginner boards or for those looking for a compact, easy storable board.  


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