Spitfire Wheels Presents: The Jarne Verbruggen Mixtape

Spitfire Wheels Presents: The Jarne Verbruggen Mixtape

Jarne Verbruggen coming in HOT! Spitfire's Verbruggen drops some heavy hitters in this 53 seconds of destruction. 

We also just got in a fresh batch of urethane from Spitfire.



Check out some of the latest selection below. New Formula Fours, Tablets, Lock-Ins, HDs, and the latest Andrew Allen Pro Model.


Spitfire F4 99Du Allen AA Conical Full Wheel

Size: 53mm




Spitfire F4 Classic 99D Wheel Silver

Size: 54mm 



Spitfire OG Classic Wheel

Size: 53mm



Spitfire F4 Lock-Ins 99D Wheel White/Blue

Size: 52mm, 53mm, 55mm



Spitfire F4 Tablets Wheel

Size: 53mm



Spitfire 80HD Charger Classic Wheel 

Size: 54mm, 56mm, 58mm 



What's the difference between Formula Fours, Tablets, Lock-Ins, HDs, and Classics? 

Formula Four: "Unbeatable lasting urethane performance" is the slogan and this popular formula delivers. Arguably the best urethane formula that combines the right amount of grip and the perfect amount of slide. Spitfire's Formula Fours offer unmatched abrasion resistance, leading to less flat spots. Giving you more control and lasting speed. 

Spitfire Classics: Simply put the "Classic" shape is the #1 shape in the skateboarding world. It's the OG and comes in Spitfire's Formula Four urethane.

Spitfire Tablets:  With a straight cut profile and thin riding surface, these wheels are designed for speed and control.

Lock-Ins: Designed to lock you in… this wheel features an asymmetric shape. With a conical cut profile opposite a straight edge side. Perfect for locking in on coping, rails, and ledges. 

Spitfire HDs: Need a good cruiser wheel? This anti flex, soft urethane wheel is the best choice. Soft and smooth ride, allowing you to ride over minor cracks and rough terrain. Great wheel for starters just getting a feel for things or that cruise back from a night out on the town after a couple cold ones.

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