Nike Sb Blazer Low Quickstrike Shoe

$ 100.00

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Step beyond boundaries in the Blazer x Doyenne. Teaming up with the ungendered European-based skateboarding brand, the design embraces every person's multitude. Neutral colours and layered taping pair with blurred graphics to celebrate the intricacies of change and growth, while the durable pineapple canvas upper (yes, fabric made from the waste of pineapples) keeps you skating, falling and getting back up again and again. Don't get stuck in a box—lace up, blur the lines and find your harmony.
Doyenne is a brand & design studio run by women with a focus on inclusivity. Rooted in skateboarding and working at the intersection of philosophy, social equality and design innovation, Doyenne translates their values into curated projects and collaborations. Our approach integrates responsible sourcing with accessible design and authentic storytelling. Every project keeps community at the forefront.
SKU: DZ3406-100