Vans Care Kit

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There's no reason your shoes can't be looking like new while on the go. The Vans Shoe Care Travel Kit keeps your Vans fresh, with water & stain shield spray, foaming cleaner, refresher spray, and waffle shoe brush. Ideal for leather, suede, nubuck, cotton, canvas, and nylon, the Vans Shoe Care Travel Kit is the most effective way to keep your shoes looking good for the long run.


  • Water & Stain shield is specially formulated to resist moisture and stains
  • Foaming cleaner removes dirt and stains from Vans rubber bumpers, uppers, and soles
  • Vans Refresher Bottle deodorizes shoes for fresh smelling footwear
  • Vans Waffle Shoe Brush is safe and effective when removing stains and dirt